“The Donut Lady & The World’s Best Pet Chicken” a Heartwarming Story

The World’s Best Donut Shop in Grand Marais is a popular stop for tourists and residents alike. Founded in 1969 by Merieta Altrichter, you can find its red and white building at the corner of Wisconsin Street and Broadway or follow the lines of people waiting to get a delicious doughnut or Skizzle during the season.

Merieta’s family, for five generations now, have operated the shop that keeps Grand Marais on the map. 

Merieta loved three things, her family, her pets, and her donut recipes. She wrote “The Donut Lady & The World’s Best Pet Chicken” about one special pet she nurtured.

Merieta died in 2008, before the book could be published. Working with Minnesota Children's Press of Grand Marais, the four generations of her family that operate World’s Best Donuts today have published Merieta’s story of Emmy, the pet chicken.

This book will appeal to people of all ages. The production quality is top-notch. The high level of care that went into editing and illustrating is evident. Merieta’s storytelling is fantastic.

The book starts out explaining how Emmy came into Merieta’s life. 

“It was late in the day at the Donut Shop when my granddaughter, Dee (Dee Brazell), handed me a shoe box.” Inside the box was a tiny ball of black fuzz that would become Emmy, the pet chicken.

The story continues, covering the nine years of Emmy’s life from chick to boss of the family and loyal follower of “The Donut Lady.”

The book is dedicated to “Grandma Rita, Old Number #1.” Her daughter Donna Wilson did the illustrations. The donut drawings on the inside covers were done by Merieta’s great-great-grandchildren Max, Ruby, Jaime and their friends Quinell and Rider. 

The text was lovingly edited by Sherrie Lindskog, another of Merieta’s daughters, and Dee Brazell, Merieta’s granddaughter and rescuer of the chick that would become Emmy.

Sherrie and Donna wrote the “About the author” introduction to the story. 

Kalli Hawkins, a journalist in Grand Marais, wrote the forward to the book. Kalli is a great-granddaughter of the Donut Lady and proudly puts in her time at the family business.

“The Donut Lady & The World’s Best Pet Chicken” belongs in the collection of all who know and love the North Shore. 

The book may be purchased at World’s Best Donuts in Grand Marais. Grab a world’s best donut while you’re there. Or you may find it online at worldsbestdonutsmn.com.