North Shore Commercial Laundry opens Feb 2022

In a collaboration between Cascade Vacation Rentals and Cascade Resort in Lutsen a new north shore business was created in the Grand Marais business park. North Shore Laundry Services is the first commercial laundry in Cook County. The company website says the business was built to provide hotels, vacation rentals, and resorts hassle-free, affordable, and consistent commercial laundry service.

Micah Avery is the Laundry Operations Manager. He is a long-time Cook County resident with deep ties to the community. His three-person team includes a pickup and delivery driver and a floor attendant. Micah plans to add staff and a second shift as the business grows into the summer.

Although he lacked laundry experience, Micah has a strong business and customer service background. His varied life experience includes living for a time in Michigan, Arizona, and Bosnia. “I love the service industry,” he said.

For many of the smaller resorts to do their own laundry requires significant investment in equipment and labor. Not to mention the challenges of well and septic. If they outsource their laundry, and roughly 50% do, the nearest providers are more than 100 miles away. North Shore Laundry operates out of a new building that is connected to Grand Marais sewer and water with free pick up and delivery in a 30-mile radius.

The laundry is located in a 2400 square foot building with six heavy-duty washers and dryers that handle up to 60 pounds per load.

Micah says that they initially planned to service the two Cascade accounts to work out the kinks in the first couple of weeks. But interest is high and customers are hearing about them through the time-tested marketing technique of word of mouth.

With roughly half of the resorts and restaurants outsourcing laundry far away, Micah expects that once the kinks are worked out they will be aggressively marketing services to those folks.

Micah wants everyone to know that they will pick up your dirty laundry, clean it to perfection, and bundle it up to deliver it back to you. He invites you to stop by for a visit if you are in the area. Current business hours are 8 to 4, on weekdays. Located at 189 Cedar Grove Lane in Grand Marais the phone is 218-264-0712.