Two Harbors Brothers Start Clear Vue Power Washing to Serve North Shore

Jacob Keech and his brothers, Steven and Tyler, started Clear Vue Power Washing on a small scale last year. This Spring they are kicking it into gear and offering services to customers along the North Shore and on the Iron Range. Clear Vue cleans everything from driveways, sidewalks, and decks, to  windows, siding, and roof gutters. Its website proclaims, “Revitalizing Residential Exterior Surfaces Is Our Specialty.”

Jacob, a graduate of Two Harbors High School, is a committed entrepreneur. In high school he thought about a military career and had several ideas for businesses he’d like to start. He is currently a dedicated member of the Minnesota National Guard. 

A few years ago, he bought his first pressure washer and was fascinated by what it could do. “I’m always learning,” he said as he went on to explain that he went online to absorb as much information as he could about power washing.

“I saw videos of concrete sidewalks and walls being cleaned, so I went outside and started to clean my mom’s sidewalk,” he said. Excited by the result of the first section, he said, “Hey mom, check this out.”

“I wanted to do something for our community,” Jacob said. Two Harbors, like many communities connected to the iron range, can become coated with taconite dust. Clear Vue can help its customers move that dust and grime away. Jacob points out that people want to clean that dust off their house before repainting.

Clear Vue offers a no obligation price estimate and military discounts.

Jacob doesn’t like to let the dust settle around a good thing. “I need to take action,” he said. “Taking action is one of the most important things you can do.” Clear Vue stands behind its service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Clear Vue offers both pressure washing and soft washing. Not all surfaces can be pressure washed, but all surfaces can be cleaned with the professional grade cleaners and equipment Clear Vue uses.

Jacob, Steven and Tyler were strongly influenced toward entrepreneurship by their father, Nathan Keech. Nathan is the founder and owner of KreativHQ, a firm that offers creative marketing solutions to businesses, small and large, across the midwest. 

“Our dad taught us a lot about business,” Jacob said.

The three young men all view Clear Vue as a business that focuses on service. “The power of brotherhood is strong,” Jacob said.

Clear Vue may be in a position to hire workers this summer. Jacob hopes that they can hire young people who are willing to put in the work, but also have their own desire to start a business of their own one day. 

“I want to empower people to start their own business helping people in their communities,” Jacob said. “If you’re passionate about what you want to do, you can find a way to start a business at low cost.” 

Jacob acknowledges that they have competitors and he hopes to have relationships with one or more to help moderate service with demand. “We’d like to work with other quality businesses if we’re swamped,” Jacob said.

Working to help employees become entrepreneurs and alongside competitors to make sure quality service is delivered to consumers may seem a bit counter intuitive to most people. But as a strategic foundation for Clear Vue, it may just make for an invincible business.