Two Harbors Native Heather Wilde Publishes Memoir

Heather (Goette) Wilde, a 1993 graduate of Two Harbors High School, has just published a memoir titled Tumbled, A Memoir of Perseverance, Personal Growth & Magical Transformation available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle version.

Wilde graduated high school thinking of a career in the business world. In college she decided to major in English and went on to a teaching career, eventually achieving a Masters Degree in Character Education. First teaching English at a small school in Isle, MN, she finished her teaching career in Superior, WI schools teaching GEDO, a program designed to accelerate students without enough credits to the point where they could graduate high school with their class.

She left that teaching position in January of 2022 and began writing her memoir. 

Wilde says that she realized that she started making her own life choices while still in high school and she admits that those weren’t always the best choices. Regarding her choice of a teaching career, initially, she wondered if she was worthy.

“The book doesn’t glamorize my trauma, but writing it I discovered the patterns and cycles I’d been through,” Wilde says.

While beginning this memoir in January last year, Wilde started doing public speaking on the concept of  “broke, but not broken”. 

She also began coaching individuals to “inspire and motivate people to tell their own story.” Her Scribe, a five-month program that includes numerous one-on-one interactions with Wilde, will help the would-be memoirists get to a print-ready edition of their own story. On the website, Wilde writes, “I will help make the dream of becoming a published author a reality. Any healing or awakening that happens along the way is just a BONUS!”

Motivation and inspiration are fundamental to Wilde. “My heroes are all the underdogs who never gave up,” she said.

On her website,, Wilde writes, “I admit it. I have suffered a ton from codependency, abuse, and abandonment. I didn’t know where I belonged on this planet.” She says her “superpower” is teaching and she’s offering that, along with her own experience understanding her own worth to make an easier path for her readers and clients.

Wilde currently lives in Duluth and is the proud mother of three daughters, Raena (21), Evie (19), and Leia (9). 

Describing the memoir, Wilde says, “It’s a heavy book, but I’m a goofy person so it’s really about the light.” 

Wilde has a couple of other book projects in the pipeline, including a book for young ladies that will give straight talk on wisdom, relationships, and self-awareness.