Trainer and Canine Massage Therapist Opening in Hovland

 By Steve Fernlund

North Paws Wilderness, a complete dog training business, will open in Hovland this summer. Started in 2018 by Brittany North, North Paws provides training that is intended to help people live a cohesive lifestyle with their dog. Brittany is also certified as a Sports Canine Massage Therapist.

Brittany and her husband, a carpenter, currently reside in White Bear Lake but they have acquired property in Hovland where they are building a home and intend to operate a sled dog kennel. They hope to be settled on the North Shore this summer. 

Brittany North

Brittany serves as a vice president of the John Beargrease Marathon and she hopes to compete in the future.

Brittany wanted to become a veterinarian when she was in high school and did volunteer work as a vet-tech. “I learned it wasn’t for me,” she said. So after high school she worked in the healthcare industry.

“I’ve been a dog trainer for about ten years,” Brittany said. She began her business in 2018.

She has been promoting her business on social media focused on the northshore and she has been conducting virtual training already. “I posted on Facebook Swap & Sell last fall and things just exploded,” Brittany said.

Some pop-up training classes will be online May 13-15. Details can be found on the North Paws Facebook page.

“Sometimes people are afraid to start training,” Brittany said. “People need to know they aren’t alone, and old dogs can learn new tricks,” she added.

Brittany spent time in Alaska handling at a sled dog kennel which led to her adding a wilderness training piece for clients who want outdoor adventures with their dogs. 

Once open in Hovland, classes will be held outdoors. “One on one sessions will primarily be at a client’s home,” Brittany said.

North Paws offers customized dog training for any breed or age. “My goal is for all dogs and people to have a happy relationship where they coexist peacefully at home and in public,” Brittany said.

New clients are asked to participate in a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss dog behavior, goals for training, an overview of training methods and pricing. That is followed by an in-person consultation in the home to determine a training regimen and schedule.

Brittany is an outdoors enthusiast and offers training for people who want to enjoy skijoring, canoeing, and paddle boarding with their dog.

She also offers canine massage to help reduce pain and discomfort, anxiety, and promote calmness in the dog. 

Further information can be found on the website,  Facebook at North Paws Wilderness, and Brittany can be reached by phone at 612-716-9619.