Gunflint Trail Based Sage Care Begins Home Care Management Business

 Ash Kwasniewicz has started Sage Care to help people maintain health, happiness, and comfort while staying in the security of their own homes. Licensed by the State of Minnesota and fully insured, Sage offers a menu of services ranging from meal prep and housekeeping to child and caregiver respite.

Currently Ash is a part-time paraprofessional at Great Expectations School in Grand Marais and works as a part time contractor with Cook County Public Health and Human Services offering child respite care. She is moving into her new business full time.

Ash incorporated Sage Care under an LLC last July. “I’d been thinking about this for several years,” she said. She began marketing Sage this Spring. 

“The word Sage defines me and my demeanor,” Ash said. “Calm and safe.”

Ash grew up in Surprise, AZ, a small city northwest of Phoenix, Ash had no definite career plans but she wanted to travel and explore after graduation. She traveled to Hawaii and Alaska working seasonal jobs and enjoying the outdoors. Her travels brought her back to Sedona, AZ for a time. Five years ago, she came to the Gunflint Trail to work a summer season at Cross River Lodge. She hasn’t  left. 

“I always knew I wanted a simple life and a family,” she said, “with a place to call my own.” Her roots are now planted in Cook County. She married Mike Kwasniewicz last fall.

Ash initially targeted seasonal property owners for her new business but she now knows that much of her business will come from year round residents. 

While Sage offers a full menu of care services, Ash will be focusing on respite child care. Respite care provides short-term child care services that offer temporary relief and improve family stability. “It’s where I thrive and do my best,” she said. 

Ash will talk with the parent or other caregiver of the child to pinpoint areas where there is room for growth. She will then focus the care on those areas. 

Child care is provided by the hour either inside or outside of the family home. Knowing the children's interests and capabilities helps Ash plan activities like picnics, walks, scenic drives, crafts, and more. She is fully qualified to support those with special needs.

Other respite care offered is intended to give primary caregivers some relief from their responsibilities by providing periodic companionship to the supported individual(s). 

Another service offered by Sage is transportation. “We chauffeur individuals on errands and handle the items if need be, or run errands solo if they don't feel like going out,” from the Sage website. “We'll take recipients to appointments either locally or as far as Duluth. We can accompany clients wherever they desire.”

Sage offers meal prep, specializing in Pizzas, Casseroles, Soups/Stews, and Pot Roasts.

Entire meals are planned, shopped for, prepared, then packed away for the future or cooked and served the same day. 

It also offers home cleaning and management services tailored to the specific needs of homeowners.

“I consider myself a very nice, tender person,” Ash said. “I want to help people directly.”

More information may be found at and Ash can be reached by email at or by phone (218) 264-9766